About us

Our mission is production of high-quality jams made with utmost care, in accordance with highest environmental standards.

Untarnished environment is cruicial for the human existence. As manufacturers of organic jams who only use natural and environmentally sound ingredients, being friendly to the environment is second nature and a goal we always strive to achieve.

We are strongly committed to working in harmony with nature. All our products are made in compliance with strict organic guidelines, without use of pesticides, fertilizers and genetically modified organisms. They are also completely free of preservatives, colorants and artificial flavors.

Only the best fruits find their way into our production of organic jams, for only the properly ripened and carefully selected fruits can give the full aroma of our jams. Besides fruits, the jams only contain organically produced cane sugar, pectin and lemon juice.

Pectin is a natural product made with apples extraction. It plays an important role in the production of jams, as it acts as its thickener.

Lemon juice provides jams with a fresh and slightly sour taste and prevents th natural oxidation of fruit.

Our jams are sweetened with organic cane sugar, which is produced in environmentally friendly manner, by crystallization process of sugarcane juice without refining. Molasses gives sugar a specific color, unique flavor and crystal structure. The larger the proportion of molasses, the more aromatic the produced sugar.