Feel Good Line

Organic Propolis

Organic Propolis Super 15 ml

Natural bee antibiotic. Due to its antimicrobial activity it is ideal for relief of a sore throat. It is also suitable for healing minor wounds, herpes and stomach problems. It is an indispensable home remedy.



3,50 €9,5% DDV

Ekološki cvetni prah

Pollen 125 g

Pollen in its natural form of dried and colorful grains. Each jar contains pure pollen gathered in spring and early summer. In order to enjoy its full benefits, we recommend a daily intake of 2-5 teaspoons. It can be taken by itself, dissolved in water, juice or yogurt sweetened with honey. Pollen is an excellent daily stimulant which increases your energy levels and strengthens your immune system.


12,00 €9,5% DDV


Honey Soap

Honey Soaps 60 g  (lemon and lavender)

Handmade soap from vegetable base containing 10% honey ensures that your skin after washing remained moist and soft. True pampering is provided by a natural fragrance of lavender and lemon.


3,60 €9,5% DDV