Organic Honey

Organic honey is made amidst meadows and is a perfect blend of flower nectars which bloom in spring. We strive to be as bee friendly as possible while in production, at the same time ensuring the highest standards of quality. Our organic wildflower honey does not contain any pesticide residues or pollen of genetically modified plants. Brown in color, with smell and taste that express a nice variety of fruit, wax and flower like flavors, our honey is honoured and awarded year after year. It is perfect for a healthy breakfast, all kinds of dishes, drinks and baking and at its best and most tasteful when eaten directly by a spoon.

Organic Wildflower Honey 25 g


1,25 €9,5% DDV

Organic Wildflower Honey 260 g


5,00 €9,5% DDV

Organic Wildflower Honey 450 g


7,50 €9,5% DDV

Organic Wildflower Honey 900 g


14,50 €9,5% DDV